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Adrian Johnson & Luca Verre at the 2019 INSEAD Entrepreneurship Conference in Madrid


Adrian Johnson is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and a technology and media entrepreneur. Since 1993 he has co-founded several companies, including Poptel, Germany's first phone-to-phone Internet telephony service provider (VC-funded and successfully sold in a trade sale); Archimation (, Germany's first architectural animation and visualisation company; MrFootage (, a web-based film footage library; and Eventival (, the leading online film festival management system.

Adrian is now actively involved in building businesses in Education and teaching high school students, MBAs, EMBAs and Executives.


Ventures and Learning

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Adrian co-developed the "live case" methodology at INSEAD. This is the next generation of the traditional case study method. It is experiential, interactive and engaging. Live the learning and find out more at

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Venture Mentor is a structured approach to Venture Mentoring. A venture can follow the process with a digital mentor or a real, human mentor! The delivery can be paced to the timetable and availability of ventures and mentors, from several days to several months. Find out more at

Outdoor Study Group


How can we embrace advanced 3d graphics and communication tools to build a better way to interact, network and learn in the new "normal" of remote learning, virtual events and online meet-ups? Watch this space for ideas and join the conversation ...